Endometriosis Awareness Month: Living with Endometriosis
Last updated at: 2023-03-01

Endometriosis is a chronic illness affecting women and girls around the world. While the exact cause is unknown, many people struggle to manage living with endometriosis.

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Four Nurses Share What They Wish They Knew Before Becoming a Nurse
Last updated at: 2023-01-15

Becoming a nurse starts from the moment it’s a thought in your mind right up until you complete your degree. Once you’ve donned your graduation gown and waved goodbye to that one textbook that gave you grief, it’s time to start working in the real world.

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Tips and Tricks for Those Studying to Become a Nurse or Doctor
Last updated at: 2023-01-01

Regardless of whether it’s your first or third year of study, here are our top tips and tricks for those studying to become a nurse or doctor.

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Time Management Tips for Nurses
Last updated at: 2022-12-15

Working as a nurse is one of the most reactive jobs you can have. You could be having a relaxed night when suddenly, everything goes from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye.

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How to Maintain Your Personal Style While at Work
Last updated at: 2022-12-01

Your personal style plays a big part in making you who you are. Many of us communicate our personality and identity through what we wear and how we present ourselves.

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Your Guide to Self-care as a Healthcare Professional
Last updated at: 2022-11-11

There is no doubt that self-care is often a neglected activity in a healthcare professional's life. Careers within the nursing and healthcare industry are often physically and mentally demanding, which can leave you feeling drained and exhausted.

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Why Personal Presentation in the Beauty Industry Matters
Last updated at: 2022-11-10

Personal presentation in the beauty industry is crucial for salon staff. Whether it’s at a hairdresser, spa, wellness centre or elsewhere, people come to salons to look good and feel their best.

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Dealing With Difficult Patients
Last updated at: 2022-11-08

All jobs that deal with people have their fair share of difficult customers. From retail to hospitality and everything in between.

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How to Maintain Team Morale in the Medical Industry
Last updated at: 2022-11-01

Working in the medical industry is tough. From long shifts, physical labour, and overtime, it’s easy for those on the frontline to burn out. Maintaining team morale in the medical industry is crucial.

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Profession Highlight: Paediatric Nurse
Last updated at: 2022-10-30

Becoming a nurse opens the door to some fantastic opportunities and pathways to finding your dream career. As you work your way through the nursing industry, you may find different branches of nursing that you would like to explore – such as becoming a paediatric nurse.

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Top 15 Nursing Podcasts to Listen To
Last updated at: 2022-10-15

Podcasts became increasingly popular during the pandemic. From true crime to comedic takes on the news, there was something for everyone.

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Biz Care x NBCF: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Last updated at: 2022-10-01

October is a beautiful month. Spring has well and truly sprung, and the days are longer and warmer. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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Working as a Nurse While Pregnant: What to Expect When You’re Expecting
Last updated at: 2022-10-01

Finding out that you’re pregnant is a time full of emotions. From happiness to stress, no doubt you’ll find yourself feeling overwhelmed. For healthcare workers, thoughts may then jump to work and how you’ll manage your job during pregnancy.

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How to Recover from Making a Mistake at Work
Last updated at: 2022-09-30

Everyone in every profession makes mistakes – it’s certainly not something that’s isolated to the nursing industry. However, making a mistake at work can be particularly stressful for nurses.

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How to Level Up Your Nursing Career into a Senior Role
Last updated at: 2022-09-15

Working in the healthcare industry is both challenging and rewarding. Every day brings something new, and it’s a given that no two days will ever be the same.

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