Biz Care garments have been designed to easily coordinate with the Biz Collection range so we’ve handpicked popular styles and colours that work perfectly together. Look out for the handy Range Guide in our catalogue that illustrates styles from both brands.
About Biz Care


We’re committed to designing and manufacturing ethical and sustainable health care attire. At the core of our business is a long-standing commitment to ethical trading. We believe that businesses can be both profitable and responsible.

At Biz Care, we like to think of ourselves as masters of the tiniest details. From sourcing fabrics, to ensuring all our health wear designs are rigorously tested in dedicated laboratories and trialled on real workers to make sure we get the functionality just right. Biz Care garments have been designed to easily coordinate with the Biz Collection range to ensure everything works perfectly together and provide a complete uniform solution.

Innovative quality is at the heart of all we do

Our elite team of designers, researchers and technicians are dedicated to sourcing innovative fabrics and processes. Before we release any new product, we perform rigorous testing and evaluation, both in-house and in the workplace.

Our garments are fitted on real people, not mannequins, and we conduct wear trials with customers in the field to guarantee they’re fit for purpose, comfort and durability.

More choices for everybody

We’re the first to recognise that one size doesn’t fit all, that’s why we offer a vast range of styles and fabrics to suit all body shapes, industries and functional needs.

Great care has been taken to create products that can be mixed and matched, allowing each wearer to bring their individuality to work while still being part of a team.

First impressions that last

It’s no secret that uniforms are an extension of your brand’s image. A good looking uniform not only elevates your brand but also fosters increased morale and productivity. All our stylish pieces have been developed to adhere to and enhance uniform guidelines, providing management with peace of mind.

Delivering on our promise of care

With a team of local staff in most states and at the ready to take your call, customer service is a natural extension of everything we do. And our library of fit ranges in some states, is available to help you effortlessly conduct fittings and borrow samples easily and efficiently.

Because we hold stock in multiple warehouses across Australia and New Zealand, we can ensure your orders are processed, picked and dispatched quickly and efficiently.

We believe in corporate social responsibility

We’re proud of our parent company, Fashion Biz’s commitment to sourcing products and services in an ethically responsible manner. We consider the welfare of workers, health and safety and potential environmental impacts.

Our Ethical Sourcing Policy is primarily based on conducting business ethically, manufacturing responsibly and demonstrating environmental consciousness.

We choose our partners carefully with factories across India, China and Bangladesh, who must adhere to international manufacturing standards, these may include:

Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code (ETI)
Ethically Correct Certified Company SA 8000
Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)
Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex) ETI/SMETA
Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP)

We’re making it a priority to change our product life cycle for the better. That means growing a better future for both our customers and the planet.